The Wildlife Resources and Education Network (WREN) is an initiative to raise the standard of care and connect the world of wildlife medicine and rehabilitation, all at ZERO COST to those that treat and report injured wildlife. Our vision is to promote stewardship, sustainability, and unity among wildlife rehabilitators. Our mission is to raise the standard of care for wildlife medicine and rehabilitation.

WREN is about:

Supporting Wildlife 

    • WREN’s ambulatory service will provide transportation service for injured wildlife concerns in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee when volunteers are available.


    • Educating the public about our native wildlife and the proper way to interact with wildlife is extremely important to WREN. WREN will engage with the public explaining what constitutes a wildlife emergency and when intervention is not warranted.


    • WREN desires to foster a community that does not see wild animals as a nuisance or inconvenience but has an understanding and appreciation for the vast benefits and ecological roles of our native wildlife.

Helping Rehabilitators treat injured wildlife ethically and effectively

    • WREN provides guidance by using the expertise of those in wildlife medicine and rehabilitation. A large and diverse advisory panel helps WREN consult for every issue relevant in wildlife rehabilitation.  Connecting those that treat with top experts allows WREN to unite the process and raise the standard of care in wildlife medicine and rehabilitation.


    • WREN certifies with a purpose. Our certification program’s goal is not to become an exclusive club but to give rehabilitators the means to prosper.  With this objective in mind, WREN gives the necessary tools for rehabilitators to treat animals ethically, use proper business practices, and interact with the community in a positive manner.


    • WREN’s education initiative is to provide free symposia and presentations to rehabilitators and veterinary staffs.


    • WREN’s surplus program will provide our members with resources. Through grants, WREN helps build structures and repair facilities.   WREN has the goal of spreading more than 50% of its financial resources directly back to those that struggle to treat our native wildlife.
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    • I am so sorry for just now seeing this. We are converting our website to another platform and are behind on stuff. Our next symposium will be at UGA CVM in Athens, and we will be applying for RACE CE. We will announce dates soon but most likely it will be the first weekend in February in 2019. Our goal is to be able to offer RACE CE as much as possible. You can check out our Facebook page for updates at https://www.facebook.com/WREN911/ and contact us at lizwrencertified@gmail.com for any questions. You are on our MailChimp list for GA wildlife rehabbers. Let me know if you are not receiving any emails. We may start sending things individually until we have our rehabilitators/ veterinarians members only section for our “new” website. Thank you for reaching out.

  • Huge thank you to Eden and Stephanie for their vital role in rescuing His Majesty, the GBH who was found shot by an arrow this week. Transportation was absolutely vital and my own fumbling was clearly making a bad situation worse. These girls are amazing and we’re it not for them and WREN linking the excellent services, His Majesty would not be here today. This is the WREN MISSION as you state it and I cannot thank you enough for responding so quickly and well.

    • I am so sorry for just now seeing this. Thank you so much for your very kind words! We were happy to be involved and that His Majesty is getting a second chance thanks to you for reaching out for help! We will post an update on our Facebook page soon to thank all the parties that came together to rescue and care for His Majesty. Thank you again for caring enough to reach out and continue to do so until you found help for His Majesty!

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