History of Wren

In February of 2015, WREN (Wildlife Resources and Education Network) began as a dream to offer free consulting services to wildlife rehabilitators. The need for the service was evident with inconsistencies in the medical treatment of injured wildlife, as well as the lack of educational resources and business knowledge, which has prevented many wildlife -centered operations from prospering.

WREN became incorporated in April 2015 in Pinson, Alabama. From that point, the dream expanded… the WREN idea turned from a simple free consulting service to an organization that will offer certification, research and educational resources, an ambulatory service with a wildlife 911 number, and a surplus program meant to enhance the operations of its network members. WREN went from interacting with a few select organizations to a concept of linking all the facets of wildlife medicine and rehabilitation and uniting all involved. WREN envisions a nation working together side-by-side for the amelioration of our native wildlife. All of WREN’s services are at no expense to the wildlife rehabilitator and will afford them the means to provide the utmost care.

In May 2015, WREN created a relationship with the well-established Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association. This relationship turned into an outright merger in August 2015 giving WREN necessary backing for its transportation initiative.

In September 2015, WREN became a 501c3 tax-exempt organization.

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