Our Mission and Vision

WREN’s mission is to raise the standard of care in wildlife medicine and rehabilitation.

WREN’s vision is to promote stewardship, sustainability, and unity among wildlife rehabilitators.

WREN will accomplish these goals through the following measures.

Inspections and audits to ensure that wildlife rehabbers care for animals ethically, use exceptional business practices, and play an active, positive role in their community.

Manuals with up-to-date techniques in wildlife medicine and husbandry, conferences and events, as well as research initiatives to raise the standard of care.

Massive ambulatory service that provides transportation for injured and orphaned wildlife. Our toll-free “wildlife 911” number allows people to call one number with their wildlife concerns and have their issue resolved immediately and efficiently. WREN dispatchers make sure the animal is taken to the proper location allowing for the best possible treatment and outcome.

Uniting each cog in the process of wildlife rehabilitation (the injured animal, the concerned citizen that discovered the wild animal, the veterinarian, the rehabilitator, and the government agencies). WREN bridges the gaps allowing for a smooth and rewarding process for all involved. The public no longer has to be frustrated with the labyrinth of misinformation and lack of consistent help. The rehabilitator and government agencies no longer have to spend countless hours fielding calls from members of the public.

Our massive surplus is spread throughout our network. Becoming “WREN Certified” allows members to benefit from this surplus through improvements to their facilities, volunteer help, paid internships, grants, scholarships, and many other programs.

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