Our Team

Board of Directors

President – Dr. Ralph Wood

Vice President – Ryan Kibbee

Secretary – Dr. Britton Hammett-McCurry

Treasurer – Jonathan Davis


Robert Jones


Robert Jones began his business life well before college when he ran a snack shop and began assisting a large stock and real estate portfolio held by a LLC in Jackson, AL.  He graduated from East Tennessee State University in 2006, with a BBA in Corporate Finance.  After graduating he continued toward a MBA, which he completed in 2009.  During his MBA, Robert created a green equipment leasing agency that continues operations in the present.  Between 2009 and 2012, Robert wrote several books for differing audiences, helped begin a charity in the Caribbean that helps animals, consulted on countless business projects and seminars, and began the complete renovation of a historic tavern in East Tennessee.  In the fall of 2012, he was diagnosed with lymphoma, which he underwent treatment for and is now in remission.  Since then, he has completed his MA in Military History at Austin Peay State University (2014), conducted research for an encyclopedia concentrating on ancient warfare, and worked at the Southeastern Raptor Center at Auburn University.  Robert is now concentrating on his PhD, where he researches the Greco-Persian Wars, and building the Wildlife Resources and Education Network.  Robert is extremely passionate about making this world a better place for wildlife.  He is a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator and holds additional certificates applicable to WREN’s mission of raising the standard of care in all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation.  He enjoys playing sports, games, diving, camping, volunteering, writing, and consulting for small businesses.  He currently lives in his East Tennessee tavern with his wife, Dr. Brooke Jones, DVM, their two cats, Jinx and Count Dracula, and their two dogs, Atlas and Stonewall “Wall-E” Jackson.

Liz Crandall


Elizabeth Crandall graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management.  She began working in veterinary medicine during college with local small animal practitioners. In 2002, Liz began working in the Critical Care Ward of Auburn University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Still desiring to work with wildlife but drawn to medicine, Liz was fortunate to be hired on at the Southeastern Raptor Center in 2005 as a veterinary assistant. The next ten years were spent rehabilitating birds of prey along with other avian species, learning invaluable skills of the trade, creating relationships with the community, educating the public, and teaching over hundreds of volunteers and veterinary students about raptor medicine and rehabilitation.  Liz has also worked on projects centered on the habits of red wolves in Tennessee, researched black bears in Idaho and Georgia, and taught raptor medicine in Chile.  She resigned from SRC in the summer of 2015 as an Assistant Director and is now one of the driving forces necessary for developing WREN.  Liz’s passion for wildlife is evident, and her drive for more unity in the world of wildlife rehabilitation is unmatched.  She currently resides in East Tennessee with her three felines: Josie, Emma, and Onyx.

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