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Consulting with a purpose: We provide all the tools necessary for organizations to properly, safely, and humanely treat wildlife while efficiently managing financial resources and effectively integrating within their community.


WREN inspects facilities to ensure that wildlife rehabbers care for animals ethically, use exceptional business practices, and play an active, positive role in their community. Becoming WREN Certified adds to the credibility of wildlife-centered organizations but also comes with great incentive.

We will have a substantial surplus program dedicated to improving the operations of our network members. These funds can go toward new facilities, cages, surgical costs, medications, equipment, and many other expenses. WREN will offer paid internships, grants, and scholarships providing much needed staff for wildlife rehabilitation facilities.


All wildlife rehabilitators desire to provide the utmost care for injured animals. Time constraints, lack of educational standards, and costs of continuing education can make access to proper and prevailing educational resources unattainable. WREN will supply species-specific manuals pertaining to medical care and husbandry. These manuals will involve up-to-date contributions from the expertise of rehabilitators, biologists, and veterinarians across the board. WREN will host conferences and training seminars while offering online educational sources to provide rehabilitators with the latest materials and techniques in wildlife medicine. With access to a free medical database to manage their patients’ records, our certified rehabilitators will collaborate and contribute to WREN’s research initiatives. All of this will be at no cost to our certified rehabilitators.


Wildlife rehabilitators spend countless hours managing phone calls, e-mails, and social media to negotiate transportation of injured animals and to educate the general public. WREN aspires to become solely responsible for interacting with the public and equipping rehabilitators with a guaranteed transportation network. WREN will use the most efficient combination of full-time employees and a substantial volunteer network to provide an ambulatory service for all injured and orphaned wildlife. WREN will establish a toll-free “wildlife 911” hotline number that allows people to call one number with their wildlife concerns and have their issue resolved immediately and efficiently. WREN dispatchers make sure the animal is taken to the proper location allowing for the best possible treatment and outcome.


WREN will foster a support network for rehabilitators by uniting all involved in wildlife rehabilitation. WREN will strengthen the bonds between the veterinary community and rehabbers and serve as their liaison with government wildlife agencies. Wildlife rehabilitators care for our native wildlife, compensating for our negative human impact, typically out of pocket. We believe wildlife rehabilitators should be supported by individuals, their community, and the nation. WREN is an initiative to bridge the gaps, cultivate partnerships, and create the pivotal support team to truly raise the standard of care.

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