Laurens Wildlife Rescue

There are very few wildlife rescuers that are permitted to care for wild birds in Georgia. There are even fewer individuals that care for all species of wild birds. Vonda Morton of Laurens Wildlife Rescue is one of these few individuals, and the only rescue that accepts all avian species in southern Georgia. Being the only rescue center in the area, amounts to taking in several hundred birds a year.

Wildlife rescues and rehabilitators do not receive any money from the state or federal government or any grants for food, medical, and housing supplies. This means everything comes out of the rehabilitator’s pockets. Vonda uses her own personal funds to feed hundreds of birds, provide veterinary services for injured patients, and to build and maintain proper enclosures for each patient.

Animal rescues depend on their community for support in order to continue to provide a free serviceĀ (caring for our native wildlife). Providing the best care for native wild animals that have been injured or orphaned is a shared responsibility of us all. Most animals that present to wildlife rescues have been injured due to a human made structure or were orphaned due to human involvement. Together we can offset damages incurred by our wildlife due to human activity by donating and showing support.

We are asking for a relatively small amount in order to help Vonda carry through to the next season and continue to care for her avian patients. Please consider donating (no amount is too small) and helping us spread awareness. Visit our fundraiser here.

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August 9, 2017