Your Wildlife Counts

Since we launched our Your Wildlife Counts app in November 2016, over several thousand deceased animals have been counted while collecting donations for wildlife rescuers. The point of our app is two-fold. We want to “Count a Death to Save a Life” by raising money per count for wildlife rehabilitators. We also want to collect data for areas that could benefit from a wildlife corridor or other safety measures.

You can choose to donate a set amount for each count as any amount helps. If you choose to pledge, your contributions can be considered as tax write-offs. If you work for a corporation that matches employee donations, please alert them of your contributions so that your impact will double.

Now you can make your counts go further with ads. Each time you log-on or click on one of the advertisements located at the bottom of your count screen, you generate money towards our funds. So you can now count for free while still contributing to wildlife rescues.

For more information, visit here The app is free to download and available on both Android and Apple.

If you are a wildlife rehabber, please complete our contact form.  If you decide to count and donate as a rehabber, we will reimburse you for your contributions.

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