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Liz Crandall graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management.  She began working in veterinary medicine during college with local small animal practitioners. In 2002, Liz began working in the Critical Care Ward of Auburn University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Still desiring to work with wildlife but drawn to medicine, Liz was fortunate to be hired on at the Southeastern Raptor Center in 2005 as a veterinary assistant. The next ten years were spent rehabilitating birds of prey along with other avian species, learning invaluable skills of the trade, creating relationships with the community, educating the public, and teaching over hundreds of volunteers and veterinary students about raptor medicine and rehabilitation.  

Liz has also worked on projects centered on the habits of red wolves in Tennessee, researched black bears in Idaho and Georgia, and taught raptor medicine in Chile.  She resigned from SRC in the summer of 2015 as an Assistant Director and is now one of the driving forces necessary for developing WREN.  Liz’s passion for wildlife is evident, and her drive for more unity in the world of wildlife rehabilitation is unmatched.  In Spring of 2018, Liz became the Project Manager for SmashParks to contribute to another great cause conserving land and increasing eco-consciousness. Through SmashParks, she is currently helping restaurants and similar businesses to reduce their waste and focusing on a pilot project involving fishing line recycling receptacles. Liz currently resides in East Tennessee with her five felines: Josie, Emma, Onyx, Smash, and MC Mad Catter.