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Volunteer Training Workshop

Our goal is to always advise people to reunite young wildlife with their parents if they are truly not orphaned or injured. But many times, people's fears and concerns take over. They do not feel confident with monitoring or following advice on creating make-shift nests or other tools needed understandably. This leads to the animal being kidnapped by the well-meaning person burdening wildlife rehabilitators that have finite resources for animals that genuinely need their help. Sadly, this is too commonplace. And we want to do something about it! Our wildlife has the best chance for survival being raised by their parents in their natural environment. 

We will begin training our existing volunteers when safe to do so in person on natural history, species identification, reuniting and renesting techniques, coexisting tips, and more.* We will provide  the necessary equipment, and they will respond to calls in their local area. The goal will be to reunite the animal and alleviate any concerns through education and monitoring for as long as needed.

Goal: $1,600.00

Donated: $732.00

FREE Public Wildlife Workshop

We will continue to plan multiple, free workshops for the general public when safe to do so.* These workshops will cover the following topics:


  • What to do in a wildlife emergency

  • Coexisting with your wild neighbors

  • Natural history of common wildlife in your area

  • What wildlife rehabilitation encompasses

  • How we directly impact our wildlife

  • Become a wildlife advocate


These will take place in Georgia, Tennessee, and a few other states soon to be announced. We will have limited seating as these workshops will contain hands-on labs. More details involving dates, partners, and other specifics to be announced soon here and on our EVENTS page.


Goal: $2.500.00

Donated: $0.00


Goal: $2,500.00

Donated: $0.00

Due to the current pandemic and cautionary measures in place to protect the safety of the general public, WREN will not be scheduling any in person events until 2021. Please revisit our site for any updates. We are working on online material and resources. In the fall of 2020, we will feature these on our website and social media pages.