Each month, especially during February through October, we receive several calls involving an animal and improperly discarded fishing line. We have seen the horrific trauma firsthand. Wild birds are seen suspended from trees and piers after having their wings entangled in fishing line. Others have swallowed and ingested fishing hooks, lure, or gear. Many have their feet and legs entangled in fishing line causing chronic trauma. But birds are not the only ones affected. Mammals, amphibians, and reptiles are also victims of fishing line discarded in water or land and not secured in a receptacle. Even if rescue is possible, their prognosis for release may be poor due to the stress of struggling for hours and further harming themselves. 

What can be done about this? Education and awareness through fishing line recycling receptacles.  WREN desires to place the receptacles in areas where we receive calls regarding animals injured by fishing line and where we have volunteers. WREN will fundraise for the equipment, provide them at no charge to the receiving party, and have our volunteers (if available) maintain and ship the fishing line to be recycled. 

Awareness is key!

Creating receptacles and signs:

We are looking for instructors that could use this as a potential classroom project or service oriented organizations (scouts, 4-H, college and school/ college clubs, etc). We will provide instructions, supplies, and video or in person presentation.

Monitoring receptacles:

In addition to our volunteers, we are looking for individuals (local residents) or service oriented groups to monitor the receptacles, provide upkeep with our guidance, and collect and ship off the monofilament for recycling.

E-mail us if you have any questions, would like to participate, or are interesting in being a sponsor. 

We currently have a request to place three in Tennessee. We are raising funds for these recycling bins in addition to others we hope to place in the future. Our initial goal is to raise $500.00. This goal may change overtime due to requests and needs. Will we update our progress here. So check back! 


Goal: $500.00

Donated: $0.00

Wildlife Resources and Education Network  501c3 tax ID #47-3844358

We are an all volunteer organization.

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