Protective Gloves

Wildlife rescuers need protective gloves for capturing and handling injured wild animals. We use ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves as they offer fitted gloves that are not made from leather or animal byproducts and are easy to disinfect. Each pair cost $150. We do fundraisers on social media to purchase pairs of gloves for our volunteer transporters, wildlife rehabilitators, and veterinary personnel that work with wildlife.

From March 2020 through August 2020, we have been able to raise $2100.00 to purchase 11 pairs of gloves. With our volunteer transporters, we choose individuals that routinely respond to requests for capturing injured wildlife. As of August 2020, we are now raising funds for wildlife rehabilitators and veterinary personnel in addition to our volunteers.


Volunteer Transporters

Joy D

Erin M
Allan H

Heather G

Paige H

Kate D

Beth T

Micki S

Kay B

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Next in line:

Tara S

Jennifer M

Kesha P

Cheryl H


Island Animal Hospital

Laurens Wildlife Rescue