Black Bear Sighting

Our CEO's view this morning! Do you know that some bears mislabeled as "nuisance bears" or as habituated are often killed as a "solution" to protect humans? But the real issue is not the bear that has altered their habits leading to "nuisance behavior" such as stealing food and roaming around dumpsters. The real issue is OUR habits or behavior that is causing the bear's altered behavior in the first place. Basically we are inviting our wild neighbors over for some yummy food, and then punishing and sometimes killing them for partaking. The real solution, and far more humane alternative, is modifying our behavior. We can be good neighbors and think of how our actions impact our wild neighbors.

Remove temptations from your yard or community. Purchase a wildlife resistant trash can or modify yours so that it isn’t easily accessible to wildlife. Bring inside at night if needed or use an enclosure around your trash cans in addition to your recyclable bins and compost pile. Burying tempting items with a strong smell in your compost pile will not prevent them from digging. Use a natural method to cover the odor or be particular about what you compost.

Keep your barbecue grill and surrounding area clean. Keep the grill away from your home if possible when not in use.

Place your bird feeders away from your home and/ or don’t use them during the late spring and summer months.

Here are some great links with tips for coexisting and humanely resolving human and wildlife conflicts. Many of these we discovered using the very resourceful Animal Help Now!

https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/what-do-about-black-bears https://totalwildlifecontrol.com/critter-facts-control/bears/ http://westernwildlife.org/black-bear-outreach-project/tips-for-coexistence-with-black-bears/

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