Feeling Squirrelly

Last Wednesday with Animal Help Now, we were able to connect a finder and their mom with a rehabber quickly for the orphaned squirrel featured in the picture. We are so thankful for these two individuals for reaching out for help and providing a safe place for the squirrel in the meantime. Reuniting was originally attempted but unsuccessful.

Speaking of squirrel rehabbers... Can we tell you how much we LOVE Wild Souls Wildlife Rescue and Rehab?!! Wild Souls is located in Missouri, rehabs a wide variety of species, and devotes a lot of time to transporting wild animals that are not on their permit to other rehab centers in their network. They are non-stop busy and are providing a much needed resource!

To say thank you, we want to raise enough money to purchase them three pairs of The ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves. Each pair costs $150. But we do not have to pay for shipping and handling Anyone who donates can receive a WREN decal.

Instead of offering another material object for incentive, would this work? Not necessarily incentive but... If we are able to raise the total $450 from two posts, we will pick up litter at two public locations in our hometown that have accumulated lots of trash/ spend a weekend day picking up trash. While picking up litter, we will use LitterRater which provides actual incentive (gift cards and community service) for documenting and picking up litter. How cool is that? So get us out of the office please and outdoors to clean ;) Thank you!

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