Feeling Thankful

We are super thankful for all of you that inspire us and remind us of all that there are many compassionate people striving to do what is best for our wildlife and planet!!! This case is at least few weeks old but one of the ones that stand out to us. Thanks to Jennifer Glover Mothershed for referring an individual to us about this injured turtle. The injuries appeared chronic. But we referred the finder to several rehabbers and nearby veterinary clinics using Animal Help Now just in case. The finder had the turtle checked out by a veterinarian, and no new trauma or issues were noted. The turtle was released back to the wild/ his or her home. What stands out is that this individual genuinely wanted to find help for the turtle by making the time to do so. He heeded the professional's advice and did what was best for the turtle. With these cases, we are always beyond appreciative and motivated to keep pushing forward!!!

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