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Congrats to our March WRENsday's winners Ashli and Miree. They chose Laurens Wildlife Rescue in Georgia as the recipient of this month's prize ($50 donation).

Thanks to our volunteer transporters, Victoria, Holly, Jan, and Erin for their help with recent transports including this injured box turtle. The box turtle suffered injuries that may be due to a dog attack. The box turtle is now recovering at the Chattahoochee Nature Center in north Georgia.

Our first call concerning nestlings! Unfortunately, the reuniting was not successful, and they had to be delivered to a wildlife rehabilitator that specializes in raptors. Can anyone guess the species?

Reuniting is always the priority if there are no injuries and immediate threats. Heed the advice of your local rehabber, give reuniting a fair chance, and do not be a kidnapper! Wild moms are fierce, protective, and deserving of a chance to raise their own young. And wildlife rehabbers deserve to spend their very limited funds on animals that actually need their help and not be burdened with kidnap victims due to our mistakes or misgivings ;)

We are currently restructuring our transport network. If you are a wildlife rehabber and could use some help recruiting volunteer transporters, let us know (lizwrencertified@gmail.com). Have a great week everyone :)

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