Gloves for Volunteers

Most of our volunteers transport already contained animals. State wildlife regulations determine what our volunteers can and cannot handle or transport. But we do have a team of talented, enthusiastic volunteers that will capture injured wildlife such as birds of prey (most common capture request). And these volunteers deserve protective gloves!

To the left is a picture of a contained, injured Barred owl Paige transported from Waycross, Georgia to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. While the owl was contained, Paige had to transfer the owl to a suitable and safe transport container.

ArmOR Handling Gloves

We decided to use ArmOR Handling Gloves as they are high quality, form fitting, and are not made of animal byproducts. They are $150 a pair. We have raised over $455 allowing us to purchase three sets so far for three Georgia volunteers. Our next goal is to raise $300 especially today on #GivingTuesdayNow to provide our volunteers, Paige and Kate, located in southeast Georgia with gloves. You can check out our fundraiser to see what other projects we are funding for today!

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