Spring is here!

This is an insanely hectic time of year for wildlife rehabbers. They are so busy tending to their patients and fielding calls from the public regarding young and injured wildlife. They need our help with transporting injured and orphaned wild animals to them if the finder is unable. Thankfully our Facebook followers helped us recruit over 50 new volunteers this week. You can join our team of volunteer transporters here: http://eepurl.com/glbQlv

For about a week, this Barred owl was hanging out in the Athens Botanical Gardens in Athens, Georgia allowing people to take their pictures with him or her. Thankfully our friend, Claire, took a trip there with her family this week and discovered and rescued the owl. She transported the owl to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital's Wildlife Treatment Center. Then the owl was transported to the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell for further care and evaluation as they suspect head trauma. You can follow his or her story by clicking on the picture. Healthy, wild birds do not stay still for people to take selfies ;) So thankful Claire was in the right place at the right time.

This week we received a call about a baby bird caught in a glue trap. Thankfully a veterinary clinic that works with wildlife was able to accept the bird right before they closed. Glue traps do not discriminate and are tortuous for their intended victims(rodents) and unintended victims (lizards, birds, bats, kittens...yes, kittens). Not only inhumane, they are a waste of money and time as they solve nothing. Learn how to evict humanely and prevent animals from reentering your indoor areas by using the advice from Humane Wildlife Control Officers (not to do be confused with nuisance wildlife control officers). What is the difference? HWCO are truly humane meaning they do not trap, kill, or relocate, and they offer the best solutions through eviction and exclusion. We recommend those that have been vetted by Animal Help Now. Click on the AHNow logo for a list of HWCO.

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