Thank you DONORS!

Nancy and her team at Wild Nest Bird Rehab have helped countless wild birds from all over Georgia. And now they plan on building a wildlife avian hospital which is much needed in Georgia. We have less than 25 active avian rehabbers in Georgia. And most are already at full capacity as of May. This is why we chose Wild Nest Bird Rehab to be our Earth Day Fundraiser recipient. Thank you for helping them get closer to their goal of providing a hospital for Georgia's wild birds!

And to start your weekend on a positive note...Check out these young killdeer that were left in a box in the middle of a road in Crisp County, Georgia. Hailey, who rescued these birds, did not know where the parents were located. So we scrambled to find a bird rehabber within a few hours that could take these birds. While waiting, Hailey was able to search the area again where the birds were discovered. She took these youngsters with her to see what would happen. And to everyone's surprise, a rather vocal adult killdeer started communicating with the baby killdeer. And they answered their mom right away of course. Both mom and dad were elated to have their babies back where they belong. This was one less burden for a rehabber and the best case scenario for these birds. Thanks to Hailey and volunteer Heather for their roles in this case with a happy ending!

Happy weekend everyone!

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