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This is one of the busiest months for wildlife rehabilitators if not the busiest. Last May, we were able to assist over 300 wild animals. But we want to do more this year while working on our sustainability. We are now using an app to handle transport requests which allows us to send one message to all of the volunteers in the area of the transport as opposed to dealing with multiple texts, e-mails, Facebook posts and messages, apps that would charge volunteers for receiving a mass text, and so on. While not all transport requests will be wrapped up easily, we have been able to handle many requests in under a few minutes. We are still in the testing mode but will soon invite rehabbers to the app to place requests giving them access to all the volunteers in their area and all volunteers in our network. The goal is to eventually create our own app to make transports more seamless, to expand our coverage, and maximize our recruiting potential.

We often see wildlife that suffers injuries (many times fatal) from improperly discarded fishing line and are working on placing fishing line recycling receptacles where needed. We now have requests for seven fishing line recycling receptacles in Tennessee and Georgia. Our primary goal is to educate with the bonus of recycling.

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