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Protective Gloves

Our volunteers need protective gloves for capturing injured wild animals. We have decided to use ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves and ACES as they offer gloves that are not made from leather or animal byproducts. They range from $68 to $150 per pair.

Goal: $750.00

Donated: $260.00

Reuniting Volunteer Training

Our goal is to always advise people to reunite young wildlife with their parents if they are truly not orphaned or injured. But many times, people's fears and concerns take over. They do not feel confident with monitoring or following advice on creating make-shift nests or other tools needed understandably. This leads to the animal being kidnapped by the well-meaning person burdening wildlife rehabilitators that have finite resources for animals that genuinely need their help. Sadly, this is too commonplace. And we want to do something about it! Our wildlife has the best chance for survival being raised by their parents in their natural environment. 

We will begin training our existing volunteers this fall or next spring on natural history, species identification, reuniting and renesting techniques, coexisting tips, and more. We will provide  the necessary equipment, and they will respond to calls in their local area. The goal will be to reunite the animal and alleviate any concerns through education and monitoring for as long as needed. 

Costs for us include:

Speakers fees at $150 per lecture, hotel costs as needed, equipment, and food and drinks. We will post updates on costs and program details. If you are interested in more information, please e-mail us. PLEASE KNOW OUR GOAL MAY INY INCREASE OR DECREASE DEPENDING ON OUR PLANNING AND WILL BE UPDATED. 

Goal: $1600.00

Donated: $445.00

2020 UGA Symposium or Workshop

We have co-hosted four symposia with three of those taking place in Alabama and our last one in Georgia. We partnered with UGA College of Veterinary Medicine's Wildlife Treatment Center last February for our fourth symposium.  We have featured speakers from Walden's Puddle, Carolina Raptor, CROW, Animal Help Now, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, veterinary teaching hospitals, and more. We offer lectures for wildlife rehabbers, veteirnary staff personnel, volunteers, and the public for FREE. Our speakers cover wildlife medicine and husbandry, coexisting and humane  human -wildlife conflict resolution tips and volunteer opportunities. We hope to have our next symposium or workshop at UGA in 2020 depending on funding.   Our last symposium cost us $14,000 for RACE CE, speaker fees and  accommodations, dinner and snakcs, venue fees, and more. If you are interested in more information or want to sponsor this event, contact us at lizwrencertified@gmail.com. Thank you!

Goal: $5000

Donated: $0.00

Future Presentations & workshops

As we continue to grow, we desire to increase our free educational outreach.  One of our main goals is to teach coexisting with wildlife and how to humanely resolve conflicts between humans and wildlife. We enjoy preparing the general public on what to do when they encounter wildlife and how to know when to intervene. We are thrilled that we have been able to offer quality speakers and current topics in wildlife medicine and rehabilitation through our symposia. Our goal is to do more concentrated workshops in the future with hands-on labs. Speakers typically cost between $150 to 500 for fees and accommodations.  Other costs include venue fees, food, RACE CE, and more. Help us by sponsoring an event or donating. For more information, please contact lizwrencertified@gmail.com

Goal: $2500.00

Donated: $0.00