The Smoggles have invaded!


We must protect what we have left and expand our lands to keep the Smoggle invasion at bay.


     Upgrade your towers and tap on the Smoggles to help keep them from attacking your primary fortifications. Expand your land to extend the distance the Smoggles must go to wreak havoc on your land. But that’s not all! Every so often, release the Smoggle Swarm and test your smashing skill by eliminating as many Smoggles as possible in the time period. Collect gold to upgrade. Collect glory to rise in the Smoggle leagues. Collect votes to make your voice heard in real life land managed by SmashParks. Collect conquest to rule over the land and the worldwide Smoggle leaderboards! Remember always that playing Smoggle Smash preserves land in real world Smash Parks…Inch by inch we will GAME control of the world!

Quick-Start Guide to SmashParks, Smoggle Smash, and the Smoggle Smash Game Center SmashParks

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