Become a Monthly Sponsor

Each sponsorship contributes to educating our public about coexisting and advocating for our native wildlife, providing resources for our volunteer transporters to rescue wildlife in need, and free continuing education for the professional community of wildlife rehabilitation. 

Our sponsorship package includes:

  • $5 monthly - decal and electronic newsletter

  • $10 monthly - decal, pack of stainless steel straws, and newsletter

  • $25 monthly - decal, pack of stainless steel straws, stationary, and newsletter

  • $50 - $1000 monthly - choice of apparel in addition to the above


Your donations are tax deductible.

Sponsor a Workshop

Sponsorship opportunities depend on the theme of the workshop.

  • Providing a venue for free or at a discount

  • Sponsoring a speaker package -  $150 per lecture plus travel costs

  • Providing giveaway items for participants

  • Providing essential supplies for labs and lectures

  • Providing vegan or vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch, dessert, or snacks

In return, we may be able to provide a vendor or exhibition booth. We will advertise our sponsors on social media, website, and any event marketing materials. Specifics coming soon.

Contact us here for more information.