WREN's volunteer transport network will be transitioning soon to the following:

Transports will be arranged through rehabbers and veterinary clinics instead of WREN.  WREN will focus more on recruitment and new training opportunities for volunteers. We will post updates here. 

Transportation Request

Please e-mail us at wrencertified@gmail.com or message us on Facebook for assistance with transportation once you have located and made contact with a rehabber or veterinarian willing to accept the animal into their care or if you need further help with a young wild animal in determining if intervention is needed.

Please be detailed in describing why you need assistance and provide the following:

  1. submit a picture for species ID and aging

  2. cell phone number (we can respond quicker via text or e-mail)

  3. e-mail address

  4. physical address where the animal is located

  5. whether or not the animal is contained

  6. reason the animal was removed from his or her habitat

With these details, we will be able assist in a timely manner. We request a picture since many species are misidentified. We commonly have calls about hawks that are songbirds, young squirrels that are young rats, among other cases. The correct ID is crucial to the animal receiving timely help and determines where an animal will go as rehabilitators and veterinarians do not typically accept all wild species.

We cannot guarantee any services due to the following:

  • We are still building our networks throughout these states.

  • All of our transporters are volunteers and may or may not be available depending on the day and time.

  • Our volunteers may be assisting with other emergencies.

  • Severe weather or natural disaster