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save lives with us


     Wildlife Resources and Education Network recruits volunteer transporters in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee to acquire and transport injured and orphaned wildlife to permitted wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians that triage wildlife. Our active recruitment starts in January and continues until August. WREN will abide by state and federal wildlife regulations and uphold and promote the mission of the permitted rehabbers as well as the state and federal regulatory agencies. No experience needed. You must have a reliable vehicle, driver’s license, and be 18 years or older. You must sign a liability form, agree to review and become familiar with state and federal wildlife regulations, and promote WREN’s mission. You may be subject to a background check.

     We are very flexible on commitment whether it is three hours every other month or one day per week. We are looking for enthusiastic people that share a mutual respect for wildlife, who desire to educate the public on when not to intervene with wildlife and how to resolve issues humanely, and to promptly get injured and orphaned wild animals to the designated permitted rehabber to give the animal the best prognosis and most humane outcome.

     Please complete our Volunteer Transporter form. You will then receive an invitation to our WREN Volunteer Workspace via the Slack App. This requires a smartphone. Your commitment is completely up to you. Most of our volunteers only handle small mammals (typically orphaned or injured young mammals), birds, and turtles. Most are usually contained by the finder before being picked up by the transporter depending on the individual situation.


We make all the arrangements and coordinate with permitted rehabbers and veterinary staffs. We will get approval from a rehabber or veterinary clinic before sending an injured or orphaned wild animal to their facility. Once we do, we place a transport request through the Slack app.