Bandage scissors (good condition or new)
2 or 4 inch vet wrap
2 or 4 inch Gauze roll/ cast padding/ cotton roll
3 by 3 or 4 by 4 inch square gauze

Medical tape (zonas 1 inch or waterproof tape)
Syringes from 1 cc to 60 cc
Needles from 18 gauge to 26 gauge
Butterfly catheters 20, 22, 24 gauge
Isopropyl alcohol
Sterile saline (irrigation)
Cotton tipped applicators
Tegaderm or adhesive bandages

Non-adhesive bandages

Bandage padding
Betadine swabs
Cotton balls
Sterile cloth drapes/ towels


Window cleaner

Hand soap
Dawn Dish Soap or other brands
Laundry Detergent (unscented preferably)

Dishwashing detergent
Kitchen Trash Bags

Large Trash Bags
Paper Towels
Disinfectant wipes

Scrub brushes

Spray bottles

Gift card for grocery store chain


Gift card for office supply chain

Envelopes (various sizes for letters and packages)
Forever stamps
White copy paper
Colored copy paper
Masking tape

Packing tape
Scotch tape
Duct tape
Post-It notes
Sharpie markers 
Dry-erase markers
Manila folders and envelopes


Carriers from small cats to large dogs
Kennels (all sizes)
Heating pads for vehicles
Heating Pads (without auto shut off)

Rubbermaid containers – all sizes

Ceramic or stoneware food and water bowls/ dishes

Stainless steel food and water bowl/ dishes

Plastic or glass food storage containers

Electronic gram scale

Batteries (all types)

Fleece blankets

Gift card for pet supply chain

Unflavored Pedialyte

Latex gloves – all sizes 

Powder free gloves - all sizes
Surgical masks

Surgical paper gowns

Sterile booties/ foot covers

Sterile head cover 

Chlorhexidine solution

Chlorhexidine scrub

Virkon disinfectant powder