WREN ECO Partners

We are beyond thankful to our local community for allowing their consumers to make responsible, eco-friendly choices to lessen their impact. Below are our partners located in Jonesborough and Johnson City, Tennessee. Please support your local businesses that not only support your community but are doing their part for our planet. Click on the image below for more information on each of our partners. Each partner purchases either paper and/ or stainless steel straws from WREN supporting our goal of conserving land through eco-friendly initiatives. 

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WREN ECO Contributors

Below are restaurants, coffee shops, and businesses located in throughout the states that have purchased either paper or stainless steel straws in the past (through SmashParks). We are thankful for their support and their desire to use eco-friendly alternatives!

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We always recommend that restaurants, coffee shops, and others keep some plastic straws on hand for those that cannot use alternatives.