Certification Levels

There are three distinct levels of WREN Certification

WREN Certified

  • Our full and most distinguished certification
  • Means organization or individual passed each one of our three levels of certification (Rehabilitation (medical care and husbandry), Business, and Community)
  • Reaps all the rewards of our company. Including transportation network, financial incentives, scholarships, internships, and much more.


Certified Care Location

  • Meets our standards to be designated as a transportation location:
    • Show the ability to care for animals at the expected standard
    • Access to WREN database and education network
    • Not eligible for additional benefits of a WREN Certified organization


Certified (Volunteer) Responder

  • These are certified transporters that are suggested by, and contacted by, our organization
  • These responders are certified to take animals to locations we deem suitable for a particular animal’s care
  • Have passed all criteria our organization sets to transport and handle wildlife
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