Wildlife Assistance

We are not wildlife rehabilitators. If you find an injured or orphaned wild animal, please use Animal Help Now to find the nearest permitted wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian able to triage wildlife. We can provide possible assistance with transportation in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Our network of transporters are strictly volunteer. So we cannot guarantee assistance for each case. The person responsible for finding the injured or orphaned animal is usually the best option for transport as opposed to searching possibly hours or days to find transport help.

We can also provide assistance over the phone with reuniting young wildlife and renesting young birds. Please make sure the animal you want to rescue actually needs your intervention. During late winter through summer, a lot of young wild animals are mistakenly identified as orphans and are kidnapped by well-meaning people. Consult with a rehabilitator, Animal Help Now, or us to make sure the animal needs assistance.

Please fill out our contact form for assistance with transportation once you have located and made contact with a rehabber or veterinarian willing to accept the animal into their care. You may have to extend your geographic search to locate help as it is not uncommon to have to drive two or more hours to get an injured wild animal to a permitted rehabber. Give wildlife rehabbers some time to respond as they are tending to numerous patients.

Please be detailed in describing why you need assistance, submit a picture for species ID and aging, provide a cell phone or e-mail address, and any other relevant details. Thank you!

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